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Thanks to Dave and Brendon from Eyewitness and the installation and effectiveness of our recently installed CCTV system, my wife and I feel secure and safe in our home.
Recent house, car and boat burglaries within our area were both alarming and frightening.
Dave turned up right on time and the technical caballing installation went smoothly both externally and internally.
When Dave connected the digital 2 Terabyte NVR to the screen the results were incredible and exceeded our expectations.
The 3 installed cameras gave us incredible clarity on the areas we wanted covered, even 1 camera detailing events 4 house up the street so we could track traffic entering our cul de sac.
 We were confused as to which company to install our surveillance system but the advise and professional approach by David convinced us to go with his company and the results are amazing.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Dave and his company to anyone that has a need for feeling safe and secure in their home.

Rob and Sue
October 2014

Big Thank you to Eyewitness Security Cameras.

About two months ago we installed security cameras in our commercial kitchen at Eliza Purton Home. We are very happy with the service and the result that enabled us to right some serious breaches and misconduct within our home.

Thank you again to Eyewitness. I will be recommending you all highly in the future.

Leigh Newman, Services Manager, Island Care.


"Wow!  What an amazing company. My 92yo mother had problems with a prowler. I called Dave on Wednesday and we had security in and working 24 hours later!  Highly recommended." 

Gerard Castles

Since 2003 we have been using the StakeOut video security system. We were one of the first businesses in our area to install video security to, not only protect our premises 24/7, but to also allow us to manage our daily operations around our site.

The StakeOut system is simple to use and is maintenance free - the real time video feeds are easy to display and change. Over the years we have upgraded our server to allow for more cameras.

We now have 3 separate sites monitored without the need for the "old" night patrols we used in the past. The cost savings alone make StakeOut the best form of 24/7 security for our business.

Dave and Brendon from Eyewitness Security Camera have always been very quick and efficient to attend to our needs. We would recommend Eyewitness Security Cameras Pty Ltd and the StakeOut software to any business to improve their 24/7 security and to assist in managing their day to day operations.

Darren and Steven Broadby

Perfecta Produce 

We are happy to recommend the services and effectiveness of Eyewitness Security Camera Hire. We had concerns about money being stolen and had been unable to come up with a solution to expose the culprit. Within a couple of days of having the Eyewitness camera in place we had concrete evidence of the crime being committed and were able to confront the employee involved with irrefutable proof that they had been involved - a very satisfying and relieving outcome.

Paul Crantock.

C.E.O. Tandara Lodge Aged Care. 

Thanks Dave and YIPPEE!! I caught my first ‘baddies’ - two little darlings who pulled boards off the seat and top of an outside table – the vision is great and I can identify them – one had been banned from being in the school grounds outside school time (so the letter to his parents is having no effect) and another ‘new’ candidate – so although we have buckleys of changing the behaviour of the seasoned vandals we might be able to do something about the kids they influence !! GREAT STUFF !! (as you can see I’m on a high!!)

Regards, Judy McCaulley

SEO, Mountain Heights High School

“We have been using the Stakeout digital surveillance system in our public areas since 2003. The hardware is priced reasonably and ongoing support is second to none. The team contact me regularly just to make sure that everything is as it should be. If there is a problem it is rectified quickly and without fuss – they’re a great team to deal with.

The system requires virtually no maintenance and it works – a rare thing in the IT world!! It provides real peace of mind to know that when we need an image or feed from the system it will be there and easy to find, making the system not only cost effective to install, but also to use.

The cost benefits of digital surveillance in terms of loss prevention and general surveillance are well known and proven, but to have a system that always works and is truly supported by the agents only adds to the benefit.

I am satisfied that we made the right decision to use the Stakeout system ahead of the other options we looked at – the whole package is perfect for my needs.

Ben Abey

General Manager Hobart Midcity Hotel

We are very impressed with the level of service and technical support supplied by Eyewitness Security Systems. The professionalism and attention to detail has improved our security management which has lead to positive business outcomes.

Wesley Hazell

Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station



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