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Eyewitness Security Pty Ltd Tasmania, Queensland, NSW, Victoria

Total Protection

Eyewitness Security Cameras Pty Ltd can help if you have concerns about security, vandalism, occupational health and safety, public liability, staff training, till management, or verification of workers compensation claims.

2 megapixel Infra Red enabled cameras provide great images day and night and allow for considerable use of digital zoom to pick up finer detail like till transactions. Our systems provides 24 hours a day, real time digital surveillance, managed by smart phone accessible NVRs that become part of the LAN. Your security cameras can be accessed from anywhere in the world by smart phone, computer or IPad.

Event activation provides the option of only retaining relevant surveillance video on the NVR, and such stored video can be retrieved by simply clicking your cursor over any given time and date on a time line graph of stored events. Looking through hours of useless video is a thing of the past. Review of historical events is both simple and quick with our NVRs.

Our systems can be used with most existing digital IP security cameras, which greatly reduces the exorbitant costs associated with some proprietary systems. Most existing camera installations can be converted to latest technology at comparatively low cost. Our systems are more intelligent, many times more powerful, more easily accessible and even more affordable than old analogue Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), Eyewitness systems eliminate the need for people to watch cameras.

Eyewitness represents the future of video surveillance solutions now.


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